August 15, 2016

Your Bolga basket purchase gives income to 5 producers

Laadi weaving Bolga basketsYour Bolga basket purchase gives 5 days of fair trade income (over twice the minimum wage) to G-lish weavers. Having spent a lifetime honing their craft, G-lish skilled weavers produce beautiful products and weavers are paid fairly for their work. Unlike traditional aid organisations, G-lish uses sales and trade, not aid, to provide income to the community. G-lish Foundation works with 75 producers and that income helps G-lish producers educate their children.

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August 15, 2016

Your Recycled Bolga Basket Helps This Much

recycled Bolga basketG-lish weavers use 270-300 recycled plastic bag twines in every recycled Bolga basket. Since G-lish began producing baskets using recycled pure water plastic bags in 2010, we have consumed 368,000 plastic bags. The fact that each Modern Basket uses at least 270 pure water plastic bags means that we consume a lot of recycled plastic every year.


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November 20, 2014

Featured on Recycled Interiors Website, Australia

Upon waking this morning, we were greeted with this visually stunning story about G-lish Foundation on Recycled Interiors, a site and business managed by Helen Edwards in South Australia. A little about Recycled Interiors: "Recycled Interiors has a focus on health & wellbeing – in the home, at the individual level and from an environmental perspective – believing that design, architecture and interior decoration should focus on the health of people and planet, alongside function and form. We encourage people to use a blend of sustainable, locally designed, upcycled and vintage pieces in decorating their homes."

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November 15, 2014

Fair Market Report on Bolga Baskets Released

We have just released the Fair Market report on prices paid in the straw Bolgatanga basket industry in #Ghana. Click the secure link to the Fair Market Bolga Basket report and it will open up in PDF directly. (Scroll down to our introductory videos explaining the research background.)

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November 12, 2014

G-lish Ghana on SBS Radio Africa Program, Australia

We're excited to share this interview with you on SBS radio. Godwin Yidana and Gayle Pescud, the co-founders of G-lish Foundation, were interviewed by Bertrand Tungandame at the SBS studios in Sydney. Thank you Bertrand and SBS Radio! The link to the interviews on SBS Radio Africa program is here. You can stream it online or download and listen to it. 

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July 29, 2014

G-lish Recycled Bolga Basket Work Featured on Lloyd Told George

In a world of such affluence to still be awash with poverty is a modern imponderable. One of those big issues, almost too big to tackle! Not the case for our featured couple Godwin Yidana & Gayle Pescud, who met in their common pursuit of helping others.

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July 14, 2014

Pop Up At The Rocks, Sydney, for July & August

We are open at The Rocks, in Sydney, at 85 George Street from Wed-Sun, 10 am - 5 pm, until the 7th of August. Please drop in if you're in Sydney and would like to see and learn more about G-lish Foundation in Ghana. 

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