G-lish Recycled Bolga Basket Work Featured on Lloyd Told George

G-lish is excited to share a feature story about G-lish Foundation Ghana on Lloyd Told George Australia's lifestyle blog today. "Teppohzoezoe" to Kerrie and the crew involved in making this happen. That means, "We thank you very much" in Frafra, the language of the communities in Bolgatanga where we work.

Here's is an excerpt, and click the link here too for the full story: 

"In a world of such affluence to still be awash with poverty is a modern imponderable. One of those big issues, almost too big to tackle! Not the case for our featured couple Godwin Yidana & Gayle Pescud, who met in their common pursuit of helping others. They now head a fledging Non Government Organisation (NGO) called the G-Lish Foundation. With their local knowledge and drive they have used a blend of creativity, ingenuity and empowerment to develop a new and viable start up business.
This business model provides the classic triple bottom line of:
  • Environmental sustainability via recycling.
  • Social sustainability within the local village structure whilst perpetuating cultural traditions.
  • Economic sustainability by providing fair trade level incomes, in particular for women, whom it is well documented, are most impacted by poverty."

Photo Copyright by Kerrie Oliver at Lloyd Told George http://lloydtoldgeorge.com.au/g-lish-foundation/

The feature explains how G-lish started, how the work is made, the impact it's having, the challenges, and what motivates us to keep going. It also shows the beautiful textile art developed as part of the Australian High Commission in Ghana's DAP fund that G-lish received in 2012. We're currently showing the work in a pop-up shop at 85 George St Sydney from Wed-Sun, 10 am - 5 pm, until August 7. Afterwards we're available to show works to you at home in and around Sydney - send a message and we'll arrange the visit to you.We hope you enjoy this and please do let us know if you have any questions. Comments below too!

Gayle Pescud
Gayle Pescud