G-lish Ghana on SBS Radio Africa Program, Australia

We're excited to share this interview with you on SBS radio. Godwin Yidana and Gayle Pescud, the co-founders of G-lish Foundation, were interviewed by Bertrand Tungandame at the SBS studios in Sydney. Thank you Bertrand and SBS Radio! The link to the interviews on SBS Radio Africa program is here. You can stream it online or download and listen to it. 

An excerpt from their site: 

G-lish Foundation is a not for-profit organisation from Ghana.

It was established in 2010 by Gayle Pescud (Australia) and by Godwin Yidana (Ghana).

G-Lish develops environmentally sustainable income generating projects to reduce poverty in rural communities in Ghana.

From 5 producers at the beginning of its operations G-Lish has now attracted more than 80 producers. The majority of these producers are women.

Some of G-Lish Foundations producers lived below the poverty line. Thanks to G-Lish foundation these producers have become financially secure and are now able to save.

In most cases these women have also become the main income earners in their households.

Their unique handcrafted items have had a very strong social, economic and environmental impact in their community.

Gayle Pescud
Gayle Pescud