Basket Power

Handmade, recycled Bolga baskets have become a symbol of empowerment in G-lish communities where women weavers are leading this change. G-lish weavers have become the breadwinners of the family, countering traditional social and cultural norms. 

Paulina weaving recycled bolgabasket art work

In addition to training weavers to produce recycled baskets and art,
G-lish Foundation also develops health, environmental, economic and conflict transformation projects that empower communities, generate fair incomes and create opportunities for families to transform their lives.

One way to break this cycle is by providing fair incomes in our income generating projects. It is this access to an income that is enabling families in G-lish projects to choose what they eat, what they study, when they visit a clinic, what they wear and much more, giving them the opportunity to change their lives and flourish, not just subsist.