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Background on art weaving from Ghana

Little by little is the theme of all of G-lish art weaving created by Bolga basket weavers in Ghana. Never before created in Ghana, or indeed across Africa, these unique, handmade, and recycled textile weavings are perfect as focal points in any home or office.

The notion of survival through change, little by little—in family, in the landscape, and in the seasons—are major themes explored by women artisans of rural Ghana, Africa, in their weaving.


Abstract lines evoke the uncertainty of daily life in which survival is achieved through small, constant steps.


Water, sun, family, ceremonies and the natural environment and family are represented in bold and subtle colour.

Through the painstaking act of transforming woven material, twist by twist, under and over, under and over, into striking works of art, the woven pieces embody the notion of transformation, little by little.

These art weavings are adapted from traditional ceremonial mats used for important celebrations, including courtship, in which a man’s family spreads a newly woven mat for the woman’s family as an offer of marriage and to unite the two families.