No. 21 Fibre Art Piece: Small

This original woven fibre wall-art piece is handmade by Hannah, a woman artisan from northern Ghana. This piece uses recycled wax print and batik cloth that has been transformed into twine and woven using a tight, under-over weave. 

Size: 67 cm (26 inches) diameter, from edge to edge.

The direction in which the weaver twists the cloth over the “spokes” or framework, beginning in a cross-hatch of woven centre straw, is called the weft. The weft determines the pattern and design by its tightness or looseness, the blend of materials used, colour variation, and the style of the weaving. In this case, an “under and over” tight style is used to form spirals or circular patterns radiating from the centre and continuing outwards. The fibres in these pieces are plastic and cloth twisted by hand.

Each weaver chooses the style with which she wishes to edge the circle between the gaps, usually with cloth and colour that emphasizes the colours before and after. She chooses the pattern that she wishes to create as she twists the first row after leaving a gap, depending on her vision. 

Towards the outer edge, the weaver splices pieces of cloth with the spokes of the framework to create a framed finish to the piece showcasing the variety of African cloth used in each piece, some of it hand dyed batiks and other printed African wax print cloth.

Collections: Small Art Weaving

Type: Art

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